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Greater Iowa Credit Union is excited to offer Banzai Junior, a financial literacy program for kids ages 8-12, at no cost to both members and non-members (or soon-to-be members). 

It's all about trial and error. In Banzai, you make choices and experience the consequences of your actions in a fun and safe environment. The program follows a young girl as she sets out to learn about money by starting a lemonade stand, opening her first savings account, and saving for a new bike.

Program login instructions:

  1. Click HERE to access the courses.
  2. Click on LOGIN in the upper right corner then SIGN UP. Select your age and click CONTINUE. Parents should help with a username, email address and password.
  3. Agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and then click on SIGN UP. This will bring you to the Course Selection screen; select BANZAI JR. (ages 8-12) or BANZAI TEEN (13-18)
  4. The program has three parts:
    • Pretest – helps to find out how much you already know about managing money.
    • The Game – The main attraction! You’re gonna learn so much!
    • Posttest – See how much you’ve learned.

Users can log in and out of the program at any time. The program does not have to completed all at one time; it automatically saves your progress. You can also start over or play the game multiple times or with friends. Have fun - you get to choose your own adventure, much like life! 

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